Herbalists Rush for Used Condoms in Abuja and other top cities


Herbalists Rush for Used Condoms in Abuja and other top cities. New Business for Prostitutes; Used Condoms in the past is something that none pays attention to, but shockingly it has now become one thing no one wants to drop carelessly especially patrons of “runs” babes in the Federal Capital Territory(or anywhere in the country) because of the huge financial prices. Information has it that herbalists (NATIVE DOCTOR) now buy it from most call girls and runs babes in the Federal Capital Territory and other State across. Already most patrons now pick their used condoms from prostitutes, and dispose it themselves so as not to get their sperm that is stocked in the condom in the hands of herbalists/Native Doctor. According to those who should know, many young girls who are now involved in the prostitution business are now willing to go out with men at any cost unlike in the past. They don’t haggle prices with customers because they make fast cash from the sale of the sperm of all customers that they sleep with. According to some of the young prostitutes, some herbalists do come along from 4:30am each morning to collect and pay cash for used condoms. Last month and early this month, men of the Abuja Task Force arrested over 1400 prostitutes out of which over 80 percent were caught with used condoms filled with sperm which shocked the Task Force personnel thereby giving credence to the booming trade involvement of the most call girls in the sordid act of selling sperm for money. Already the business is now a booming one as the girls are in haste to sleep with anyone so far they can be handy with the condoms from such entanglement, thereby earning some thousands of naira in cash as proceeds from their sperm sales.
Many lives have been ruined as a result of this wicked act by some young girls. While none of the young girls arrested and spoken to can give any accurate or clear cut reasons why and what the buyers are using the sperm for, some herbal practitioners confirm it is a ready-made tool for some herbal charm. The General Public have been advised to Inform and ‘Share’ this message thank you.
Be WARNED dear friends!!!
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I Was Never Delivered From Witchcraft–Jim Iyke Cries Out

Nollywood ‘bad boy’ actor, Jim iyke has cried out to debunk news report going viral on the internet
that he was delivered from witchcraft at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN headed by Prophet TB Joshua. The actor was said to have undergone a deliverance session on Sunday at the church and was reportedly freed from some evil spirits which have allegedly prevented him from finding a wife despite being qualified to have one. If you miss the story read it here Some had also reported that he was delivered from witchcraft, but the talented make-believe star has rebuffed such reports by laughing it out.
He reacted to such reports via his twitter handle when he wrote, “lol witchcraft?! It’s imperative I underscore that people are oblivious to what transpired [during my deliverance]. Ignorance is no excuse. Tailor your opinion to who you know.”
Meanwhile, reactions have continued to trail the incident. Most people have questioned the authenticity of the video which showed the deliverance of Jim Iyke. Others termed it as another form of ‘acting’ by the actor allegedly planned with the church for publicity purpose.

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