Simple phone etiquette

Broadcast massages or Bcs are now becoming a daily thing. You will be lucky if a day goes by without receiving one. The most baffling thing is the content of the Bcs. I culled this from a friend’s FB post. “That your neighbor, whose children go to school with torn school uniforms that cost only 5k, have you changed it for them?
That your friend who just flashed you because he didn’t have N20 airtime, have you sent N200 airtime to him?
That your office colleague who didn’t go for lunch today because he’s broke, did you share yours with him?
Those numerous shirts in your wardrobe you’ve not touched for the past one year, have you given all of them out to people who’ll wear them everyday, because it’d be the only one they’ve got?
That girl that sells recharge card to you everyday, do you even know her name?
Do you know your gate man may not have taken his bath with soap this morning because he couldn’t afford to buy N30 lux?
Do you know that your cleaner’s child’s balanced diet is flat pap, morning, afternoon, night.
Have you bought her a tin of baby milk ?

Please stop sending silly bbms, whatsapp messages and facebook messages telling me about how Jesus loves me and threatening me with fire and brimstone if I don’t rebroadcast. I already know that Jesus loves me, I don’t need a reminder.

Try and SHOW folks around you Jesus’ love on a daily basis and you’ll have fulfilled a portion of the bible that says “Love your neighbor as your self and that if you do this for that brother or sister you can see you’ve done it for me”.
You think mere punching a button in your expensive phone inside your air-conditioned office or going to buy expensive gifts for your pastor who already have more than enough,means God’s love?

A lot of people are in dire need of Help, show them love and care.”

He hit the nail on the head. Aside from the above facts,Bcs can be very annoying. Can you imagine being woken up from a nice sleep or distracted while busy with an important assignment by a Bc telling you how much jesus loves you,or telling you to reply to a set of stupid questions. Now you get my picture. Please let’s learn to respect people’s peace by practicing simple phone etiquette of not sending this Bcs anymore.


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